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Marketing on social media

We at Searchminds streamline your marketing on social media such as Instagram and Facebook by targeting the right market and avoiding unnecessary exposure with associated costs. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram can be very effective in gaining new customers and increasing your sales. The large use of Facebook makes the medium incredibly powerful and since you have the opportunity to tailor exactly for which target group an ad should be shown for, you can do it right and only pay for advertising aimed at those who might be interested in your product or service. The potential customers you reach via Facebook and Instagram don’t need to search for what you offer, but with the help of user data, you know that the ads still hit the right target group. 

Photo & video ads

Communicate your offer clearly with visual elements aimed at your target audience and only pay for effective exposure on both Instagram and Facebook. Choose between shorter films adapted for flows or longer films that engage your customers for longer periods.

Stories ads

Advertise in stories in full-screen format with interactive means and link to your website. Stories ads are made with the benefit of moving material on both Instagram and Facebook.

Carousel ads

View multiple photos or videos at once with an associated link through carousel advertising on Facebook.


Conversate with your customers using interactive or automated features via Facebook chat.


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