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The challange

Helena Schollin opened the store Formbar in 2011, an interior design store in Västervik. The challenge that Helena had when she came into contact with us at Searchminds was mainly time and commitment. This meant that she wanted someone to creatively create and plan posts and ads every month. It also included campaigns such as Black Week and Christmas shopping. She also lacked a common thread through Formbar’s social channels. She wanted to create more engagement with her followers and also spread her brand more widely.

Reinforcing the brand

On social media, we use different strategies in our collaboration to spread Formbar’s brand. We strive for the work we do today to generate different types of goals in the future, such as more followers, more engagement, more traffic and sales. We do not only work for conversions today but work with the brand in the long term. Every month we work to create a visually appealing feed that reflects Formbar as a brand, that is, inspiring and personal. We therefore vary the feed with product images from different brands, images from the store/staff and also images taken by customers. We use a mix to increase engagement and to reflect Formbar in the way Helena wants.

Advertisements and a variety of posts also give us the opportunity to reach different target groups. For us, it is important that every post, competition, ad and story has a clear message and that there is a plan behind the material we publish.

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Reaching the right target group

It’s always important to think about the imagery, tone and emotion you want to convey through your brand on social media. Using different strategies, we have been able to identify which of Formbar’s target groups we reach today and potentially future target groups.

We are constantly working to create and maintain the red thread through all social channels that we work actively with. We continuously evaluate the content we publish during our follow-ups. By continuously evaluating, we also create opportunities and ideas for the future. Where we are constantly working to create more interesting content and maintain and improve engagement among followers.

Engaging your followers

In today’s digital landscape, having some kind of social media presence is a must. This is especially important if you as a customer want your brand to grow, as almost all people interact with social media in some form. To stand out among your competitors, it is important to work with the whole picture. This means that there should be time to plan content and identify how you want to communicate the brand. We believe it is important to write copy that engages your followers. You can do this by, for example, asking the followers a question or being attentive in the comments section and responding to the followers’ comments. Furthermore, you also want to engage the followers in several places on the social channels, such as through stories. There you can create a quiz, have a Q&A session or share other people’s and customers’ content. Create content that creates engagement!

Strategies that get results

By trying different strategies, we have achieved different types of results together with Formbar. During Black Week 2022, we increased sales by over 400% via social media compared to the previous year. We achieved this by having a well-thought-out strategy already 2 months before Black Week. We had analyzed trends from previous ads and posts and also checked what had sold from other channels.

Throughout our collaboration with Formbar, we have increased engagement and reach. We believe this is due to careful planning and appealing graphics and copy. We alternate contests, product posts, ads, brand exposure of other brands and personal posts on Formbar’s social media. Although we work with different types of content, we have managed to create a common thread in imagery, feeling and tonality for Formbar’s social channels. We continue to develop new strategies to keep up with the development that takes place on all social channels.

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