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Create website and E-commerce solution

Searchminds offers professional web development that helps you to reach your business goals. Thanks to our long experience in internet marketing, we can offer you a holistic concept where we help you with everything, from creating your website to marketing it on the search engines.


A professionally built website creates new business opportunities for your company. The difference between a half-baked, unprofessional and outdated website built by your friend compared to a modern website built by a team of web designers and programmers is the difference between a visitor and a customer. When we at Webminds build websites, we place great emphasis on unique design with a high user experience and a clear focus on conversion and profitability. Our goal is to ensure that your customers do not leave your site until they have placed some form of order or contacted you. It should be so appealing that they feel safe and motivated to do some form of action. 

Reference case from www.foretagsskoterskor.se

Reference case from www.doftvaruhuset.se

E-commerce Solution

Well-designed e-commerce creates new business opportunities. These can be standard solutions or tailored e-commerce solutions. All e-commerce solutions we develop have a well-thought-out and unique design with a high conversion focus. Accurate, stylish and selling E-commerce is crucial for your business’ sales and profitability. Getting a customer to shop does not only require you to have good products and prices. For example, if you have a physical store that gives a bad impression, the customer will leave the store without buying. E-commerce also works in the same way. To motivate customers to shop, e-commerce must be appealing, easy to navigate through and provide a safe and secure feeling for the customer.

The recipe on a professional website

Attractive design
User friendly
Fast loading time
High searchability
Conversion focus


We make an analysis of your specific needs for your website and what functions your customers want. The analysis comes up with a requirements description with the number of subpages, different functions, etc. This analysis creates a template for how the website should be designed.


During the production itself, we create the website based on the needs and analysis we came up in the previous step and fill the website with your desired content.


When the website is finished, we can assist with the operation of the website, updating the contents, also the management and marketing of the website.

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