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Why is reputation management needed?

Reputation management is a service that helps companies and individuals to take control of what people see when they search for your name. Reputation management is often carried out when you have already received a bad reputation, but it can also be used to prevent your reputation online so that the risk of a bad reputation from, for example, a competitor is drastically reduced.

1. Searches

Every day, Swedes look for companies and private individuals to choose whether they want to buy your product, take part in your service or form a collaboration. The person who searches for your name in Google shows their image of you based on what appears in the search results.

2. Unwanted content

Anyone can say anything about you online without any consequences, whether it is true or false. Through posts on blogs, forums and news articles, anyone can blackmail your reputation. It happens all the time and there is very little legal protection for companies that innocently end up in these situations.

3. Storage

Everything you do today is stored online forever, which means we need more tools to be sure that what is stored does not harm us. Social media, news articles, blogs are just some of the tools used to write down opinions and thoughts. Through these tools, everything is stored forever and companies have very few ways to download an article that bases its content on false facts. A blog with 200 readers a month may not sound like much but we do not know what will happen to that post in the future.

4. Reliable content

Credible and reliable content of good quality about you helps you to strengthen your presence and reputation online but few know how to create it. How Google chooses to evaluate the content of good and poor quality is difficult to determine if you are not loaded in the topic and SERP (search engine result page). If you also run a company, you have no time to spend studying all the updates that Google makes in its algorithm every two months to ensure that the content you create is of good quality in Google's eyes. Few people know what they can do to help your business gain a positive reputation online.

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