Link strategy

Linking strategies provide added value

More and more companies are investing in improving their visibility and increasing their traffic to the website, precisely to be available for the increased demand. This means that the requirements on all websites are constantly increasing. Search engine optimization of a website (on-page optimization) is really just a prerequisite for the website to be relevant to the keywords it should be visible on and for the search engines to be able to understand the content.

External linking strategies

By creating external linking strategies that you link to the website, these act as votes for your website. The votes see the search engines as a confirmation that your website is the most relevant and qualitative website. Linking strategies are therefore absolutely crucial for being able to compete with your website in the search engines’ search results. Searchmind’s high-quality link strategies are created uniquely for each customer through social media, blog media and micro websites (smaller websites). The combination of these and the relevant content we create on them means that your website gets a fast indexing and the best result.

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