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Be visible when someone searches for what you sell on Google, which is the world’s largest search service. People Google what to do, where to go and what to buy. At the very moment when someone is looking for what you are selling, Searchminds can help you be seen. We can help you with all of the advertising solutions that Google provides – that is, everything from regular search ads to product ads that appear on Google Shopping. Read more about the different solutions below. We adapt the ads for full functionality so that regardless of whether your customers use the computer or search on the mobile, you will be visible.

Google Search Ads

These are common ads that appear when you advertise on Google when someone searches on your chosen keywords. This is called advertising on Google Search Ads (formerly Adwords). The trick to succeeding in this is to be able to handle the over 100 variables that will affect the relationship between advertising cost and revenue.

It is important to be visible on the right keywords, opt out when you do not want to be seen, have the right settings and the right advertising message. If you succeed in getting a high QS (Quality Score) from Google, you may only have to pay 1/10 of what your competitors pay for the corresponding clicks and this is often decisive for whether the advertising becomes profitable or not. So there is every reason to be very careful here.

Google Display Ads

Do you want to reach customers who are not actively looking for your goods / services but who are still interested in them? Then you can use advertising in the Google Display Network. The network consists of magazines, news sites, Youtube channels, blogs and mobile apps.

Your ads are matched to the users and it is a great way to quickly get a lot of traffic to your site. Since the Display Ads are aimed at users who have not actively done a search but still have an interest in what you sell, the users are not quite as far ahead in the buying process as those you reach through Search Ads and Display Advertising therefore gives results in the short term.

Succeeding at advertising in the Display Network is very much about being seen in the right places and opting out of everything irrelevant. It is important to know what creates results and know how to get an insight into where the ads will appear.

Google my Business

Advertising with Google Shopping Ads is one of the most profitable ways for E-merchants to display their products directly on Google. One of the biggest advantages of Google Shopping is that the user gets a lot of information even before they click on the ad (and thus triggers a click cost). Users can see a picture of the product, see a price and read a short description. If it is not interesting for the user, it does not lead to a click and thus not to a cost.

Advertising on Google Shopping successfully and profitably is relatively advanced. Initially, a configuration and registration is required of several different tools that Google provides and that exports all your product data, prices, images, stock availability and information to Google. When the technical configuration is complete, you must optimize profitability by getting a correct relationship between the cost of selling a product through Google Shopping and the margin you have on the product.

It is assumed that you increase the click bid on products with a good margin and a high conversion rate and make a corresponding reduction on products that do not have the same conditions.

Google Shopping

Google My Business should register and use all companies. For companies that primarily get their customers from the local area, advertising on My Business is also suitable. For example, your ads may appear on Google Maps, showing your business to local search users.

Advertising on Google My Busianess is done by creating and verifying your local business on Google so that the business information is displayed in Google Maps. The nicer and more professional you create the company presentation, the more customers you will get.

Google My Business is also suitable for small businesses that do not yet have their own website. These can verify the company with Google My Business and advertise with smart campaigns in Google Ads, which is an advertising service that does not require its own website.

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