Amazon marketing

Amazon is an international market that has grown exponentially in recent years. In the US, Amazon accounts for more than half of all e-commerce, with 54% of product searches done on Amazon, not Google. Since Amazon is now establishing itself in Sweden, this means new opportunities for you as an e-retailer. Even if Amazon is not quite ready with the launch in Sweden, you as an e-retailer still have a huge advantage if you set up a store at an early stage and make sure to quickly gain market share. If you do not adapt to Amazon, there is a great risk that you will miss more customers and market shares. We at Searchminds offer you as a customer service with the set-up of your Amazon store, we also help you market your products so that they are visible high up on Amazon’s front page.

Market yourself on the Amazon marketplace through SEO & Ads

Through the Amazon marketplace, you as a third-party seller can use amazon as a platform to sell your products. There are a lot of similarities between Amazon and Google. Amazon also has a built-in algorithm called A9 and like Google, the ranking of search results is decided based on various ranking factors. In addition to appearing in the regular list, there are also advertising opportunities, Amazon Ads and Amazon display, as well as Google Ads and the Display Network. A combination of working with their Amazon SEO and Amazon ads is to be recommended, as the paid advertising has a significant impact on your regular ranking on Amazon. 

Getting your products to appear on Amazon’s first page is, like Google, extremely important as 78% of Amazon’s customers do not go to page 2. 

We at Searchminds are happy to help you as a customer to market your Amazon store both via Amazon’s advertising opportunities and through SEO so that your products rank high in the search results. Below is our process for setting up your Amazon store and its marketing.

Start-up goals & strategy

Like other services, we first need to familiarize yourself with your business and your goals with Amazon. We go through your product range and review what budget you are planning for your Amazon marketing.

Keyword analysis, product analysis & competitor analysis

Like Google Ads, we review search volume and search behavior for your industry and products. We use several third-party tools to get as much data as possible. Since the market in Sweden is relatively new, we look not only at the national level but also at the international level (Europe and the USA). Once we have a good picture of the search behavior, we go through your product range and decide which products are considered best to launch on Amazon based on search interest, margin on the products, etc. We also perform a competitor analysis where we look at how competitors have worked with these products. . Here, too, we also see outside the national level. Then we produce a basis for the On-page work.

On-page optimization

The importance of optimized product pages is great, this has a very big impact on your ranking on Amazon. Therefore, it is important that we carry out this basic work at an early stage. This work will need to be done continuously as new products are added in the future, or new information about existing products is changed. This work lays the foundation for a successful Ads advertising.

Building Amazon ads & off-page work

Now that your amazon store is built and optimized, it is adapted to Amazon Ads. In the same way as with Google Ads, we continuously review the results, look at "cost per click" and follow the profitability. We make bid adjustments to reach profitable positions, add new lucrative keywords and replace with less profitable ones. In addition to the work behind the On-page work, there are also several other parameters to take into account and work with. With the help of our off-page work, we drive more traffic from other channels to your amazon store, and also make sure that your amazon store is visible on Google.

Statistics and reporting

All the work we do, we keep a transparency around, and make sure that you as a customer understand the results of your amazon marketing. We set up ranking tracking for your organic positions on Amazon, and regularly follow the results of Amazon Ads. Reporting of your results takes place monthly, and together with your success manager you receive regular oral follow-ups on how the work is going and give recommendations for the next step in your marketing. A good result comes from keeping a high level of attention on both parts and ensuring that both sales via advertising and your organic sales work well together.

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